Posted 17th Dec 2022 (Posted 4 h, 22 m ago)
Any recommendations? How did you plug yours in if you don't have an outside plug? Can the cables fit around a garage door?
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    Do it like Griswold in national lampoon's Christmas vacation
    The little lights are not twinkling.- Grandpa Art
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    They generally have a much smaller cable with a decent amount of play before any lights so they can be plugged in inside and routed to outside.

    Might just goes through the front door, a garage gap will be more than wbough
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    Twinkly are very good but very expensive.
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    Buy some outdoor boxes to put electrics plugs in although I have an outside double socket I can use to start it off. I then use the outside boxes with extension leads.
    Seen an outside box in lidl today.
    Many places sell. Like
    Dri-Box FL-1859-285G IP55 Weatherproof Box, Green, Medium

    Not put our lights up this year for a few reasons, plus complaints from passing satellites stations in previous years (edited)
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