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    Hey guys and girls, I have two outdoor flood lights both linked to a double switch. When the switch is on, the flood lights work fine. When the switch is off, one light does correctly go off, the other though seems to flash on the odd occassion. Does anyone have any ideas why?

    The two floodlights I have are LED floods 10w.
    One is a multi colour LED (this is the one that flashes)
    The other is a natural white LED (this one stays off like it should.

    The only other thing I can think of that may be relevant is that the multicolour LED has a remote control, but surely this shouldn't matter as is the switch is off, then the light shouldn't be receiving power anyway.


    Depends how they are wired they may have a permanent live feed a neutral and a switch wire.Sometimes this occurs if they have an inbuilt pir so that the switch does not need to be turned on for the light to engage i.e. if you use the remote.Id suggest its getting some intermittent voltage from somewhere internally do you have a volt meter to check the connections?
    It could be a sign the internal electronic switch engaged by the remote is failing.
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    the light wont turn on via the remote when the switch is off though. It flickers occasionaly but the remote doesn't work....

    I'm stumped to be honest.

    Like I said it depends how it wired Id suggest from your comments given the remote is not working it is as I stated an issue with the internal electronics controlling the device that turns the light on for the remote.

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    So sorry, but are you saying its probably a problem with the lamp itself, or how it's wired into the switch? I'm baffled because the other lamp seems to be ok. That said, the other lamp is on the other switch and also doesn't have a remote.

    Its likely to be the light thats the issue.
    In such lighting its normal to have a permanent live to the light so that it can be switched on with the remote.Id suggest the circuit that turns the light on and off with the remote is faulty causing it to flicker instead of be either off or on.
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