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Found 29th May 2018
Need to replace a floodlight that just keeps tripping on all night long and is very annoying!! Would a bulkhead light be sufficient to light up my back garden? It’s not huge, like 30ft or so.. just need light out there for when dog goes out for a wee etc...
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Directional bulkhead lamp may be OK. For a compact area that has reasonable exposure you may be able to consider a solar option with benefit of zero ongoing power costs within the product's lifetime, easy DIY fit (can you knock a nail in / hang on an existing protusion?) and minimised light pollution to keep any neighbours happy. Huge choice of models, some of which can be rubbish, but the Amazon-fulfilled Mpow models & clones rate highly. Possibly best to avoid the always-dim models, unless that function can be switched to motion-trigger-only such as random examples:
pair amazon.co.uk/dp/…YT/ or amazon.co.uk/gp/…A4/
single amazon.co.uk/dp/…HN/ or amazon.co.uk/dp/…16/
Few solar options will provide equivalent of a 100W+ halogen, but presumably a dog doesn't need sunlight replacement to be able to see to pee.
We purchased a 3 or 5w (cant remember which) LED floodlight from TLC direct, it was roughly £15 and came with a small remote control which you can set sensitivity, brightness, timings and a lot more on, really impressive piece of kit and incredibly bright, we have over 100ft garden, and it almost lights it all up.
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