Found 15th Mar 2010
Looking to hire some speakers than will run direct off a generator.

Don't have any ideas where to look.
Any ideas?


Sounds like you might want to hire a PA system h...what are the speakers for - you got something to hook up to them?

Original Poster

There for an outdoor party just to play some music. There are no normal plug sockets, just the sockets you get on generators.

I always thought you plugged speakers into an amplifier. :?

Well that's what I was going to say - if you hire a PA then you'll get a mixing desk (which is your amplifier) into which you can plug an iPod/cd player/turntable etc., and it should come with two big fat juicy speakers to annoy your neighbours. If it's just a garden party, then it'll probably be more sound than you need - in which case, I'd consider walking into a music instrument shop, and buying yourself a guitar amp - you'll be able to plug that into your generator. You probably needn't spend more than £50 for a 25w amp - that'll belt out a decent volume...hiring speakers will probably cost you near that...
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