Outlaw ticket touting

    I am spreading this pertition to get the goverment to outlaw ticket touting,

    im sick of not being able to get tickets at face value due to touts, so if you feel the sma eplease sign…ts/


    Although a good idea and I agree with the principle, I cannot see how they can fully enforce it without doing something like printing names on the tickets which would involve planning for the buyer beforehand and be a right pain in the bum if someone gets sick or can't go last minute. Banning it from places like ebay and ticketmaster is all well and good but touting would still go on, though gum tree or privately, I just can't see it working unfortunately.

    lol this wil never work

    Totally agree with why you're doing it and support you 100%.

    But, I honestly dont see anything happening soon about it. Unfortunately these touts will get away with daylight robbery for some time yet.

    But! If you want me to sign it then I would have no probs doing so. :thumbsup:

    A good %age of ticket sales on ebay go through at less than face value,e.g. 1[people who find themselves
    going on holidaysuddenly have to dispose of tickets 2/[cant get babysitters 3] illness .The number of concerts
    that get above face value isnt that great.
    PS I got my sister 2 Cliff tickets for the price of one on ebay[no jokes please]

    ticket touting will always work so long as people are willing to pay the price, unfortunately.

    I agree proffessional ticket touts should be banned but I have a suspicion that alot of them have insider dealings

    What really annoys me is that when high profile tickets such as Killers go on sale you can be on 2 laptops and the phone and if you're lucky enough, get the maximum of 4 per household. But then look on Ebay and ticket touts have all the best seats in large numbers - where do they get them from?

    The recent Snow Patrol presale had a maximum of 2 tickets per credit card which is a fairer system but we always go to gigs in 4's, so unfortunately for that one we won't all be together

    I'll be signing :thumbsup:

    If people want good tickets they dont mind paying a premium
    Not everybody can be bothered buying tickets as soon as they go on sale.
    free market etc :thumbsup:

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