Outlook email question. What is synching of folders please?

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Found 19th May 2011
Good morning
Hope some computer person can help me.
Set up OH new laptop this morning and set up his new outlook email.
This seems to be working great i have sent and received an email via it.
However it is trying to synchronise the subscribed folders for his email.
Could someone briefly explain what this means please. I have googled and theres lots telling me how to do it but not what it actually means.
I am guessing its something to do with his iphone which gets his emails and possibly his old laptop which i am now not sure will receive them or not.
I think there is a problem with the synching as the time to finish keeps getting bigger and is up to about 70 mins now. Has anyone any suggestions please.
Whilst i dont know much about email i do know his old laptop was set up with pop not imap which i have put on his new one. not sure what his iphone has. could this be the problem. Do they all have to have the same.
With regards to the old laptop once we have sorted this problem out i would like to actually delete his account on that laptop. Would there be any problems with that.
Sorry if I have gone on a bit. thanks

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If you've set it up as Imap previously and have now set it up as POP, it's likely it's now downloading ALL of the email messages.

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Thank you it was actually the other way round the old one was pop but I have put the new one to imap. I have now looked and its downloaded some emails but none of his subfolders. I have restarted it and it doesn't seem to want another go. Think we will be OK with that. Interestingly it has put his last months incoming emails on but none that he sent. Not sure why.

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Just looked and OH iPhone is showing as a pop account. I now want to change this to imap. It looks like I have to delete the pop account on the iPhone before it will let me set an imap account. Will anything happen to all his emails if I delete the pop account. I won't be connecting to iTunes.
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