Outlook express - hotmail having problems help please !

Found 1st Sep 2009
I know the new thingy started today and it has messed up my hotmail acct through outlook express. Unable to poll messages access and password denied, any ideas? yes I did sign up for the new live mail when I had a message from MSN

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HI, thanks but I have tried to load it and it will not let me install, I have windows xp. and no mine is not a copy. it says I need office 2003 or 2007 any more ideas? Don't really understand why this will not happen as it always has before the changes. I did what it said on the email, very weird indeed.

Users of Outlook Express who wish to continue using the client can reconfigure the client to connect using POP3, which was added to Hotmail in March 2009.

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thank you but how do I do that? :?

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hi thank you for that I have tried to do that and it all seems ok except blueyonder does not display the servers tab. Thanks anyway I guess I will have to use through hotmail. :?


Why the hell are you using outlook express?

Download Windows Live Mail Desktop, its like outlook express only better in literally every single way, its still free, and to set up hotmail, you put in your address and password, and it does the rest for you.

It also acts like exchange email or IMAP, and syncs to your hotmail account on their servers (so delete on your computer, deleted from the server etc). Also means if you reinstall windows, just reinstall WLMail, and itll sync back.

stop pissing around with outlook express, its rubbish.


I hadn't realised it had happened yet, but MS have for some time warned that OE is a bag of crap and will be phased out shortly. Its do to with it being unsupported, and them updating the hotmail sync web service.

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that's what I needed someone to tell it like it is thank you all ok now :-D
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