Outlook trying to send out unknown emails

    I got a email back telling me the senders address couldnt be reached or something to that effect , i checked the email and it was one i had never sent , it was to an AOL email address , it had a file attached to it , i know for a fact i didnt send it.

    Anyone have a clue?

    Also keep getting junk emails non stop about stocks.

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    Sounds like a virus e-mail, as long as it's not in your sent items you didn't actually send it - what has probably happened is that another virus infected PC has been sending out infected e-mails with your address as the sender so when those e-mails have been returned, they've come back to you which conceals the infected PC.

    What are you using to receive mail? It sounds like you need a better spam filter, I get absolutely tons of junk every day which is mostly filtered to a junk folder.

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