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Just a heads up. Made the mistake of taking them up on their 3 for 1 offer. 1st month wasn't too bad but having 15 titles in my list wasn't enough to send me a dvd in the first week of being a member! The next 4 weeks were okay but new or top titles weren't really received. Now over the last 2 weeks especially mostly everything has a delay on it in My List and this is out of about 40 titles. Although the price is good for getting 3 months of dvd's for 1 month the availabilty of titles is gettting to be a joke. Just thought I'd share. (As if most of you didn't know already this company ; (


They are hopless and very slow if they do have any dvds you want even a free trial is more hassle than its worth.

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Have had similar experience. Used up all my Lovefilm trials (had about 9 months free in the end!) so went for Outnows 3 months for the price of 1 unlimited disc package. They sent me all old low priority stuff from the bottom of my list then once I'd had all those I stopped getting any thru' - emailed their Customer Service dept to ask what problem was as had 22 titles on list & it's meant to be unlimited supply but hadn't received anything for 2 weeks & had a really rude email back to say it was because I had mainly 'new' films on my list & they were popular. Basically they don't stock enough new releases so unless you're happy to watch pre-2006 films don't bother!!

If you want any chance of seeing recent releases look elsewhere.

Read the statement below - if you attempt to unsubscribe and use lack of new releases as the reason.

"You have online access to over 60000 DVDs and many of our Members enjoy exploring a wide range of titles, but we recognise that some Members are mainly interested in New Releases... so we are introducing a special Guaranteed New Release package. We are initially offering this package on a test basis to just 100 Members so, if you would like to be one of the first to try it, please click here to email Customer Service and we'll come back to you with full details."

If they have a special Guaranteed New Release package anyone on a standard package would certainly come lower on the priority list when they are sending disks out.

This is a direct cut & paste quote from the email I got from their Customer Service rep which speaks for itself:-

We give you access to virtually every DVD in the UK and we encourage our … We give you access to virtually every DVD in the UK and we encourage our customers to explore the world of entertainment, rather than slavishly watching nothing but New Release titles.

Have checked my list this evening & even older films like Fargo, Cleaner & Big Lebowski have the 'long wait' icon by them so seems you can't win with this lot.

Here are the details of the new release package, I would steer clear of them if you are interested in new releases as you won't get any if the gauranteed package which is a higher rate than the 'unlimited' packages will let you have 6 new releases a month.

If you are interested in receiving only New Releases, we have a new package that may suit your needs.

The new package is 10 Discs per month, with a guarantee that you are given priority over any New Release that enters the warehouse. The package guarantees that you will receive the following each month:

6 New Releases
3 Recent Releases
1 Back Catalogue

The cost for this package will be £19.99 per month.
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