Outside Christmas lights.

Found 30th Nov 2010
OK dumb question how do you plug them in, do you need special sockets or what not, where do you feed the wires.

I have got to do the decs in the next 3 days and the kids have been asking for some outside lights, I don't have a clue where to start or what I need to do. I need to get them done before the weekend and right now it's just me to sort it out for the next few days!

Never had outside lights, so haven't got a clue but what they want they shall have.
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External IP66 waterproof sockets.
You either put the decorations beside a window or front door so you can feed the wires into the house, alternatively, an electrician will fit an outside protected socket!!
I ffed mine through window and plug them into a normal socket. If you haven't bought them yet pay attention to the amount of lead there is from the first light to the plug. The longer the better, otherwise you end up with lights inside or just not where you wanted them. Maybe measure from the plug to where you want your first light.

Make sure they are outdoor lghts too!
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If the lights are close to the house just plug the lights inside the house and run the cable out of a window. The llights usually come with a long enough cable to do this.
A lot of outside lights come with transformer sockets ( i think thats what there called , lol ) we put outside lights up and most leads are never usually long enough so my hubby usually insulates them ( transformer box i mean ! ) then wraps tightly in a plastic bag or two and then in a metal box and then buries in a planter box , then the remainding leads that come from transformer go into garage !.....hope that makes sense , ......weve been doing this for a few years and never had a problem
We usually use the electric feed from the nearest street light to power ours
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