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Found 24th Jun 2018

I’ve got some outdoor led lights which I want to put around my fence at the bottom of the garden. The lights have come with a long extension lead that reaches my house. However I want to ideally bury the cable in some kind of trunking, so it’s hidden from sight.

Can anyone recommend what I can use?

Also should I be using something link this?



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Hi there I’ve just done similar thing and I got the following from Toolstation like what you posted!
And for your cable to bury you need Armoured Electric Cable so you don’t cut it with a space or something!
I'll make an out-of-box (sic) observation: is the cable you mention carrying low voltage DC from a mains power adaptor / power supply located inside your property? If so, the safety considerations for low voltage DC are minimal compared to the considerations for taking 240V mains to the bottom of garden.
If the voltage is 12v then you don't need armored cable or a rcd breaker.
I haven’t got it in front of me but would be surprised if it was more than 12v as they’re only led lights.

id still prefer to put the cable in something to protect it.
I used round plastic conduit when I ran a cable down my garden. Comes in black or white in 2 metre lengths and you can get connectors for it as well. I buried it but equally you could get some clips and attach it to the fence.
can you not just pin it to the fence assuming you have fence at the side of the garden to the house?
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