Oven Help Needed please

    Evening All

    Nt sure if anyone can help but just moved home, and the oven in the property is a Sterling BS01W (It is not freestanding but intergrated into the fitted kitchen)

    The oven works fine, but only has 3 slots for shelves in it (so shelves can only be at 3 levels - top, middle, bottom) - does anyone know where I can buy universal slots so that I can have more levels in my oven please?

    The slots things themselves (dont know what they are called) are not screwed into the oven in any way, and can be lifted from the top and removed.

    If anyone can advise further, would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks x

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    Take one of the runners (slots) to ya local shop, should be able to order you one if they have none that'll fit.
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