Oven/hob installaion. Costs?

Found 16th May 2009
I' be been quoted @£110 to install a gas hob and electric oven. Does this seen reasonble? Will ring around on Monday but wondered if anyone else had had this done recently?

Thanks in advance
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electric ovens are easy to install. like wiring a plug.. Obviously gas is a different story.
just make sur they are linseced to fit gas!
You can do the oven yourself quite easily, but the gas has to be done with someone registered with Gas Safe make sure who ever is has the card :thumbsup:

Thankyou all. Rep added
Sorry for got to mention a price, when i got a gas hob installed last year it was £60 , i did the oven myself, what sort of oven is it , is it the same type going back in, because if you say replace a single oven with a double it may need the wiring changing
That's a fair price if it includes delivery and removal of your old appliances
It's a like for like swop with the oven but it's wired directly, not a nice easy plug! My husband will try most diy but won't touch electric- an unfortunate incident in his earlier DIY days!

Thanks again for the input.
Well if you husband is not sure then it needs a pro, i would say around £90-£110 for fitting both
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