Posted 23rd Dec 2022
Hi guys I'm looking to replace my oven and have seen this AEG oven that fits the bill...…0w/

My question is how do I know if it has a plug or needs hard wiring??

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    Look at the full specs tab. 2 things it says :
    Total electricity loading, W:3200

    so no plug, and that power rating is too high for a plug to be fitted.

    tbh I'd be surprised if any oven with pyrolytic cleaning is pluggable.

    As an aside, that looks identical to ours (other than ours is black). OH has been happy with it.
    My oven has pyrolytic cleaning and is on a plug, it’s a Bosch one. Had it years.
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    It'll need wiring in.

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    Bosch / Neff do ones are pyrolytic and can have plug attached as less than 13a
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    At 3200w it would just mean a switch changeover. It wouldn't need it's own wiring but could be just a faceplate change on the existing socket to a switch plate.
    A kettle is 3000w and has a plug and this just creeps over by 200w. Maximum a appliance can be is 3000w for a plug.
    Normally ovens that can be plugged in come with a plug installed already.
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