Over charged at Tesco ..What is their policy Please!!

Found 9th Apr 2009
Just got back from Tesco.....They had on shelf Wall-E remote control toy at £5 off making it just £4.97....when I got home found I had been charged full price ...spoken to customer service at my local tesco and he appologised and said to bring receipt back when I am next passing.
Can someone tell me if their "double the difference" Policy is still on please
Many thanks


also have you a link so I can print it off if neccessary
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depends on individual stores discretion some give you a full refund and the product some only give you the difference.
Double the difference was on at mine the other week when I got over charged on an offer for eyeliner. As far as I know is still standard policy
definately up to the individual store, mine gives you the full refund and the product!
Double the difference is a company policy and they are meant to offer this in all stores. Don't let anyone fob you off with anything else and you will get £10 back :-D. There should be a large sign up behind the CS desk stating the DTD policy - so you can always point them in the right direction if they beg to differ :thumbsup:.
Its double the difference in the stores in the south west.
i think they changed the full refund plus the item policy following the over charging for high cost items (like xboxs) by a penny or 2 and having to give over £150+ plus the xbox etc etc

In any case there will be a blue sign behind the desk visible with all their policies on it.
All stores are now double the difference.
It was changed a while ago due to people abusing the old policy of refund + keep the item.
Went in yesterday...took in receipt and got my doube the difference ....queried their policy and they agreed it has been this policy for some time and it is across the whole of the uk....so the idiot at the shop that just gave them the difference was not addearing to tescos policy !!

Hope that clarifys it for anyone else thinking that they might not get it !!

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