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Found 26th Aug 2017
Was overcharged at hospital for a brew, instead of it being £5.24 for me and the wife a coffee they deducted £524.24 i have waited 9 days and although they have said it was reversed i have not received it what can i do to get my money back it nearly ruined my holiday?
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Ask you bank/credit card provider
Serves as warning to everyone to look at the figure on the machine before typing in their pin number. We were at a restaurant a few years ago and the bill went into thousands on the machine when it was less than a hundred quid. Luckily my husband spotted the mistake before he put his pin number in. That would have been a nightmare trying to get the money back as we were on holiday so the restaurant was not local
I would call the card issuer and ask them to look into it. That will however land the hospital with a charge back fee from their card processor.
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Did they issue you with a refund voucher? If so the bank can do a chargeback. Refunds do often take longer to get processed but that's a lot of money to be without
No they just started the refund after they found there error later that day
raptorcigs1 h, 52 m ago

No they just started the refund after they found there error later that day

you could call them and ask how long does the refund supposed to take. it seem to state on google 7 days but i recollect it can take up to 2 weeks to get refunds processed and appear on our credit cards. refund times are different from different retailers.
card transactions be it payment or refund can actually take upto 60 days to be dealt with, but typical transaction time is 3-5 working days. don't forget its bank hol aswell just to add to the pain.
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