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Found 31st Jul 2010
I'm looking for a pair of good noise cancelling or isolating headphones. I'd settle for good isolation over active cancellation.

Particularly interested in closed-back, over-the-ear models. I'll be sitting at a desk just blocking things out, so looks aren't at all important.

Ideally I'd like something like Beyerdynamic DT150's or Direct Sound EX-29's, but I'd like to keep it to around the £50 mark if possible.

Not really interested in in-ear phones; I have some very decent Shures for that, but not suitable for constantly slipping on and off.

As a guide, I'm using some Sony MDR-XDX200's as a stopgap. I'm perfectly happy with the sound quality, but I'd really like better isolation / comfort. The cups are a bit small for my ears, and the headband digs in a bit.

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I use a set of skullcandy lowriders, I don't have them on mega loud (although they can cope pretty well with that) but I don't get any background noise. Colleagues usually have to throw something at me to get my attention! Although as you say perhaps the cups might be a bit small with the lowriders?

Thanks for the recommendation, but as you say, they cups are a bit small for my purposes. Nice looking phones tho.

I have a pair of these and they've been reduced, so for £30 you cannot go wrong.

I love mine. They come in other colours too.
Alternatively, I have a pair of Airwalk ones I'm selling?!
Thanks, but I'm really after massive ear-enclosing coconuts like these:


or these:

Tank like DT150s

I think I just have to bite the bullet and invest. Cheaper than building myself a separate office anyway


For the record, I went for EX29's from these people:


just the job
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