Over the hedge DVD

    Little one wants it, honestly :whistling: (i dont want to see it, much :giggle: )

    Can get it for £5.99 delivered (with the £1 voucher i was just given :-D )

    Thats only single disc, just checking thats the lowest price i can get it for, thanks guys :-D


    limited edition packaging 2 disc dvd is on offer @ amazon for just £6.96 at the moment ]http//ww…8-2

    Rubbish kiddy film - watched it on the way to the usa

    My theory is any time a film (apart from shrek 1 +toy story 1) has more than 3 famous people it means the film is crap and the the only way it will sell is by adding in celebrities

    I found this film quite good!! :? A few laughs in it! :giggle:

    Shrek and Over the Hedge = £9.61 with postage £7.97 without.…DVD
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