What is an acceptable time frame to wait for a gfx card to be replaced/refunded. I sent a card back to these at the end of last week they acknowledged receipt on friday of last week, it's still waiting to be tested and If found faulty (which it is) returned to the manafacturer for repair/replacement (which could take another 28 days from them sending it). Is there any sort of time frame goverend by the distance selling act or whatever. I would never buy from these bunch of muppets again thier tech support is horrible. I had to buy a cheap GFX card from here to get me through.




    Its all "within" so you have to accept how long it takes.

    Really acceptable would be within 5-14 days.

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    They gone beyond 5 days already. Really hate this company with a passion. Never respond to your emails/webnotes. Tech Support is a waste of time. All I get from them is it's waiting to be tested. 5 days to test something!

    I would say a 14day turn around would be acceptable.

    Thats what we use as a guide line when removing customers equipment for repair.
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