I just got a small overdraft on my bank account incase. Its only 50 quid. What happens if I just go 1p over?


    You would probably get an unauthorised overdraft fee charged to your account. Best to check the T&C's of your bank.....or if you have gone overdrawn, get to your bank asap and put some money in.,...

    The bank charges you, try not to go over because the charges are ridiculous
    My bank charges £20 for going over, £15 for sending you letter and £12 a day for however long your over

    If you do go over, sometimes a polite phone call may clear the charges for you

    I'm with lloyds and am charged something stupid liek £10 a day if i go over

    i got a over draft letter today £5 each for 2 sepparates dates and i still cant seem to work it ill call in 2morrow
    allaince leicester customer

    I have a ridiculous overdraft, not that ive ever asked for it but i get charged just the interest, ive never managed to go over my overdraft!


    I use smile bank as fee free overdraft up to £500

    1st time thumb screws then 2nd time firing squad, I think :whistling:

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    Sorry I mean 1p into the overdraft, not passed it.

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    Sorry I mean 1p into the overdraft, not passed it.

    probably nothing as you most likely have a small buffer zone.

    Oh well then, as stated before you should only be charged interest on the money use from your overdraft until you are back in credit. I hope this helps

    why didnt you just ask when you took it out?
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