Overseas sellers must provide a UK returns address?

Found 14th Nov 2017
I feel like I've read somewhere that this is coming into force but not sure when, is it correct or did I dream it?
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I don't believe so, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
I think you've been dreaming.
I could take back one of the 5 reasons to never consider buying from a Chinese seller if this were true . Sadly I doubt it is and you'll still have to fork out £50 + and "restocking fees" to return to the likes of Banggood ,Gearbest etc .
If only this were true...
We can't force international retailers to provide a UK return address because it's simply not possible. We don't have any legal authority over retailers based overseas.
This would wipe out foreign trade completely. It doesn't sound a feasible or sensible enforcement but legislation doesn't always follow what is sensible.
Maybe it was for a specific platform? This would be feasible for something like Amazon marketplace even if it can't happen as a general law without international treaties.
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