Posted 3rd Jul 2020
Hi everyone,

From today we are allowing deals related to overseas travel to be posted on hotukdeals again, for travel from 10 July 2020 onwards - they have not been permitted since just before the country went into lockdown in March.

Today the government announced you will no longer need to self-isolate on your return from a pretty large group of countries, making foreign travel much more possible for many people. The full guidance is here -…ors - with the list of countries:

However, the rules that apply when you arrive in those countries varies - some require you to self-isolate, others don't. You can find a full A-Z list of countries - and I found this BBC News article useful on some of the most popular destinations.

Given the complexities, we won't be checking the country on each and every thread against these lists - that will be up to anyone interested in the deal to do so. To help though, we will be adding the following warning into all overseas flights, hotels and other travel deals - if you have chance to add it into the top of any threads you start, that would be great

Please check before travelling whether your destination requires you to self-isolate when you arrive, or whether you will need to do so when you return to the UK. You can find full details here

This is one of the last rules to roll back to its pre-lockdown state. Thanks for everyone's patience with us and the fast-changing rules over the past few months. We have done our best to keep the site in line with government guidance where any existed, and be flexible enough to cope with a pretty liquid situation. Your feedback has been really helpful to me and the team in our main Coronavirus updates thread.

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