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    just downloaded this for the nokia 5800 and i thought it go work offline but it will only let me search for places if i connect to the internet. It doesnt ask me what connection to connect to i.e. wi-fi or wap.

    Can anyone help?



    Have you updated the ovi maps yet on app update ?

    I have this on my N95 and it searches and find the address fine but when I ask it to drive me there using the sat nav, the voice starts directing you then it asks to be connected to the internet. If i say no the sat nav stops working. I thought it was free.

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    yeh same here

    OK, I somehow got this onto my 5800 and it's all working perfectly - offline.

    Touch the spanner in the bottom left corner, then Internet. Set Connection to offline - this solves the problem of constant internet connection.

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    Mine just says waiting for GPS constantly! Grrrrrrrr


    Mine just says waiting for GPS constantly! Grrrrrrrr

    Even when you are outside with it? The GPS receiver thingy is located in the top left hand side of the phone, so try and not have your hand over that bit. GPS signals cannot penetrate buildings so make sure you are out in the open.

    I got very frustrated when I first downloaded all this as I was trying it indoors. I went out for a walk to try it out and it worked great. Took a couple of minutes for the signal to be picked up, then it was fine.

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    Cheers shibi din, will try it later

    you need to use add the maps to the phone, it will require you to use the internet regardless but will work off line, you have to connect your phone via the USB cable and update at the OVI/Nokia website.

    I've set the internet to off but still after about 20 seconds it shows on screen the following "online connection required to enter the shop. Connect now?". When I say no it cancels the sat nav and just shows the map.
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