Ovivo closing down

Found 19th Mar 2014
just seen this on their website, as of this evening ovivo will be no more, there's a PAC request form on their website for all of you guys who swear by them

"Dear OVIVO Customers,

We are very sad to announce that for reasons beyond our control, OVIVO Mobile is closing down on the evening of Wednesday 19th March 2014.

We'd like to thank each and every one of you for your support and friendship over the last two years.

To keep your OVIVO number, just fill out this form, and we’ll send you your PAC code.

PAC code request form

To request a PAC code please complete the form below. There is no need to request a PAC code if you do not wish to keep your number. We will arrange for your PAC code to arrive as quickly as possible but there is a high demand for this service."

For those after replacements check the megathread


People still seem to be able to receive calls and texts but not make any outgoing calls or texts

Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Complain to the CEO?

- vinh1000

If you have recently purchased you may be able to contact your card provider and get a 'chargeback'

- winchman

Which network next? Three, Payg 3,2,1 looks appealing to low usage users, 3p min, 2p txt, 1p/Mb.
- fluidz

1: Save your Phone Contacts to your phone (not sim) incase the Ovivo sim is terminated.
2: Customers who paid by Credit Card can file a charge-back claim with their credit card provider.
3: New Customers who paid by PayPal in last 45 days, put in a PayPal claim.
Post #33
- Da11as

Only available contact information, maybe worth a try.
Ovivo Customer Service Phone Number +44 203 463 1332
Ovivo email address sales@ovivomobile.com
- Da11as

Only available contact information, maybe worth a try.
Ovivo Customer Service Phone Number +44 203 463 1332
Ovivo email address sales@ovivomobile.com
- Da11as

PayPal are reportedly now issuing refunds over the phone. If you paid with PayPal, phone them now!
- preecey

For Nationwide: 0800302011
Debit card I was told may not receive as have received goods (which we've not)
Credit card have an inundated team who know all about Ovivo collapse- super quick, will post out a form to sign, want a screenshot of ovivomobile.com's message (which I've done here for anyone who can't work this out: oi57.tinypic.com/316…jpg
- dancedar

Users are reporting receiving pac codes from about 9:50 on 20th March
- everett_psycho

Data 0 users, Three's 321 PAYG phone sim won't work in tablets.
- dancedar

For those looking for a good deal and would like to keep or change network, there is a good info what network providers are on:
thanks to pgregg
- knocik

Chargeback applies to all Visa, Maestro and American Express debit cards for goods costing less that £100
You also have rights under Section 75 for goods costing more than £100 if paid by credit card
Chargeback can apply if goods are damaged, not as described, or the merchant has ceased trading

- fazlulkhair

Taken from theguardian.com/tec…ity

Those who need a mobile connection and shift their number are unlikely to be refunded, Ovivo’s terms and conditions suggest:

“6.3 In the event that We terminate the Service and You have paid for credit remaining on your Account We shall refund the amount to You, provided We have received the SIM Card back. Refunds will be credited to the credit or debit card used when topping-up.”

“6.6 Should You transfer your number away from OVIVO, this constitutes a termination of this Agreement and any outstanding credit on your account, whether paid for or promotional, is forfeit and non-refundable.”
- rogdog

Check your Junk/Spam folders for your PAC Code.
- Fagol

TopCashBack alert!!
Tcb have confirmed that they will ** issue £5 cash back to its customers with in 48 hours **
- sofiasar

You can view your sim credit balance by dialing *#1455#.
credit to 'Check_your_balance'
- Da11as

If you have already submitted you PAC request but have not yet received the PAC code, use this LINK ovivomobile.com/pac…php to check the status (you code will magically appear.
Credit goes to twister121
- Da11as

Credit to happi and ghyu for the *#1455# retrieve your balance code.
- Da11as

If you have already submitted you PAC request but have not yet received the PAC code, use this LINK ovivomobile.com/pac…php
to check the status, your code will magically appear.
Credit goes to happi, ghyu and twister121
- Da11as

I've thrown my mobile in the bin
- ewwaxo

For those with multiple Ovivo SIMS, multiple requests to get PAC code returns the same code and this is usable for porting different numbers. The reason is that an operator can issue one PAC code for any numbers as appropriate. When you port you have to supply the number to port from which is the unique information. PAC code need not be unique to one number to be ported.
- splender


- ewwaxo

Here's a petition we can all sign to raise awareness on the issue, and possibly kickstart an thorough investigation into the shortcomings of Ovivo.
- nasim95


- amis1975

According to Which?, the 120 day limit for chargeback starts from the point you discover a problem. There is a second, ultimate deadline of 540 days from the transaction date. This means that most people who bought an Ovivo SIM in the last year and a bit are entitled to make a claim for a chargeback on their cards, and have (as of today) 113 days in which to do so. Whether a claim will be successful or not is a different matter, of course.
- Ferris

*************You must request your pac via pac@ovivomobile.com before 2nd June as the site & email will be shut down*************
- dancedar
Community Updates
A waste of £20 havent use it much to see it worth £20
Ahhhhh no, after I massively bigged up the company, I got my mum, dad and two brothers to join a month ago.

They are going to destroy me...
oh dear
I only joined last month, I thought it was too good to be true! 321 three it is then!

This is such sad news.
can't text or call.


Edited by: "ewwaxo" 20th Mar 2014
Baaaad news!

Hope I got £15 quids worth, probably not since I use my contract sim for everything anyway I just needed a second sim for work.

Better not lose the number though it would devastating, anyone know a good replacement cheap sim-only?

Bahhh now have to have my 'vodaphone' locked phone unlocked too! If its even possible!
Right phoning sexy phone lines to use all my credit and cheer myself up before it goes off!

The thought of having to pay for a mobile tariff


Edited by: "GeorgeR010" 19th Mar 2014
....wow thanks for letting us prepare ovivo....how rude
Oh no! Atleast give some notice!
Great news NOT only had this just over a month and have encouraged others to join too
Not even received my sim yet but paid?
so what about any credit that you have with them ?

nice to get some forewarning over this - didnt get a text or email from them

so they close down and fck off with peoples money
My 3 sims wife daughter and me have stopped already
What a surprise.
No notice or communication!?! I expected them too close but not with no notice!
I think they've also shut off the twitter account so you can't even contact them now
There were people warning us on the ovivo threads, they were right
Thought it was a bit strange with all the intermittent network issues but was not expecting this!
Ovivo was getting really good. The advertising was getting cool , as well.

Were Vodaphone getting too scare ?
I think gift gaff and virgin mobile will be busy over next few days.

I'd have expected Vodafone to have auto ported everyone to their pay and go service rather than have folk cut off
Edited by: "jb66" 19th Mar 2014
Good while it lasted but a ridiculous business model
My sis just bought this sim over a months ago, she's not to happy about this. Still has her £15 credit on it.
"We are very sad to announce that for reasons beyond our control..."

I'd like to know how true that is, was this a move on Vodafone's part?
Edited by: "SmolakC" 19th Mar 2014
i just joined this saturday and money has been taken.

How can i get a refund?

Nice to have notice! Gutted where now Two very cross daughters, mum & dad and Aunt oops! oO
Got to laugh, literally just signed my dad up to it, rang O2 for the PAC code and filled in form to transfer his old number. Tried ringing them to let them know and it didn't work, so tried their website and saw this. Literally 1 minute working fine, next shut down. hah.
WTF? at least let me know a week before
Make sure you move all your phone contacts from sim card to phone etc.

Also if paid by PayPal in last 45 days, put in a claim.

Also claim a charge back with your credit card provider.
Edited by: "Da11as" 19th Mar 2014
Have they not paid their bill to vodafone?

Just tried to send a text and failed. went to their site and saw the message.

Gutted good while it lasted.

Any suggestions for a vodafone network equivalent??
Good luck trying to get a refund. They didnt even have the decency to tell people first
I paid by Paypal 3 weeks ago. I wonder if I can get back what I paid (£15) from them..... doubt it, but will look into it.

i just joined this saturday and money has been taken.How can i get a … i just joined this saturday and money has been taken.How can i get a refund?THanks..

I paid Monday, not received sim yet but they've taken money, I want a refund

What mobile tariff should I get now?
WTF? Can't call/text at all now. Only receiving calls work.
I bought 2 on my credit card which I haven't paid the bill for yet, does anyone know if I can use chargeback as it's within 120 days? (Tesco credit card). Absolutely gutted
How disgusting is that.. i have £20 credit there that i would like back as a refund. but more importantly. those who have ordered and not received they need their money back ASAP.
What's going to happen with this? Will they pay anyone back?
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