Ovo to swalec electric on smart meter?

Posted 22nd Nov
Hi, I was with ovo who crept their prices up to 19 per KW, so done a comparison and swalec came in at 15.7 per KW with same standing charge, so made the switch and I assumed they had took over smart meter as they said the switch would be fully automated, 3 months later swalec turn up at door to read meter, I asked why do you need to read if I have smart meter and he said they can not read/use another electric companies smart meter, but if I wanted they could come out ant fit one of their own or carry on getting meter read every few months, I decided to decline new smart meter as may change supplier again after 12 months if price rises, seem very silly and a waste that they can not share smart meter. Does this seem correct?
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1st generation of smart meters were specific to supplier. Ask if they will be installing smets 2 meter instead - those can be used by any supplier
Yes same happened to me, New supplier cannot use previous supplier smart meter, I have to read the smart meter each month to update my usage.
Not very smart!!!!!
hi guys i switched to outfoxthemarket few yars back never had a problem with them i pay 0.13p/ KW
I've got a smets2 smart electric meter and changed supplier. New supplier can't communicate with it for some reason. Caused me no end of problems so a total waste of time imo. I'd rather just supply my own readings.
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