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Posted 2nd Nov 2020

Posting as a means of asking what people think of the scheme & if you've signed up to the Neighbourhood Watch part only or whether it is also worth signing up to do the CCTV Watch part (if you have CCTV)?

Maybe others are not aware of this scheme running in their local area. There is a search facitlity on the website.

I received a leaflet through my letterbox about it together with a Met Police and Be Safe leaflet.

If the police want the CCTV recording footage do they simply copy it to a flash drive or something? All well and good giving them access to the video footage but if they are taking away a hard drive/PC/NVR there's an issue with continued CCTV recording at the property? I doubt they will need access very often. Unless you are in a street with lots of issues. I suppose the police need the raw video footage for legal reasons and it not copied into a different video format?
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