Owl Wireless Energy Monitor


    I keep missing out on the offers for these energy monitors. They have none in my local B&Q and cant get them free with the British Gas tariff we're currently on. I also tried the Mail offer but missed out on one of the tokens..

    Cheapest I can find them for is £24 off the 'bay and thats for the latest version, CM119.

    Any ideas on a cheaper set? Rep left for cheaper suggestions.



    I didn`t have enough for the Mail offer either but I sent in what I had & they still sent me some weeks later, so always worth a try....maybe they can`t be bother to count the vouchers.

    I still haven`t managed to fully configue mine though.

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    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it was their most recent offer where you only needed three tokens. It had two on the form itself; one bonus and normal token. Still worth a try I guess!
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