Owners of Toshiba LCD-Televisions - Audio Distortion connected through HDMI

Posted 7th Sep 2010
In reference to this thread hotukdeals.com/dea…682

I would like to point out that I too have been suffering from audio distortion while playing my Xbox 360 through HDMI. This only happens after playing for a good few hours but none the less I still called Toshiba in response to an update on their website firmware news: toshiba-om.net/fir…php

My TV is the 37XV635DB and what Toshiba are doing is sending out memory sticks with a firmware patch update on them. Tim today said I 'should have the stick within a few days time'

Please call this number if you are effected - 01932 841600 and ask for Customer Services (television)
I also asked if this was rectifying the problems and he assured me this will definitely sort the issue....fingers crossed
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Latest Firmware "please contact us on 0844 856 0730" but don't - please call them instead on 01932 841600
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i have the same tv as yours and my sound through HDMI is absolutely fine
I seem to only get the issue after playing the Xbox 360 for around 4-5 hours solid.

I was playing Bioshock 2 yesterday and the sound started distorted, echo sort of way....the longer I left it the worse it was getting. Switched the TV off and back on again and it was fine

Hopefully the firmware patch will sort it all out
I did have the glitch once on mine (only the 32 inch)- after my daughters had been watching dvds all day (raining all day over the holidays). I rang Toshiba and they sent a memory stick within a couple of days. Not had the problem since.
Great news Mas99
I have this problem with my TV, but had it about 18 months now and not done anything about it. Will they send me the update? If not, if anyone still has there's I would appreciate it if you PM me and send it to me
Speak with TOSH i had a 42xv635db and had the issue, the FW update did not fix it so i had the tv replaced by the shop, Complain that u did not know it was the tv playing up and you thought it was your sky box or something like that, they should sort it out for you as it has been there since you bought it. kick up a real fuss
The firmware update did not work for me, Toshiba will refer you to a local electrical company

They should arrange a tine for collection for it to be fixed
I have the Regza too. Great TV but this sound distortion issue is a joke! As my TV is a bit older and not under warranty no luck on anything. If they have had this problem on SO many many many models of this they should just send the proper "fix" when asked for free!

There is no reason for me to spend money and the picture is all fine! I am going to try one persons advice to go into the menu and do a few things. Fingers crossed.

Sometimes, just sometimes it is frustrating to work with customer service anywhere. The toshiba website is a joke to fix this.

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