Found 28th Feb 2009
Tablets working, to an extent, but still...................

See you l8er

Spasms ahoy, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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I've had a bad back for a month now, sooooooooo painfull! I feel for you hun XXX.

SS in "spasms" shocker.

It's as if HUKD doesn't exsist!!!!

(oh, spasms. right, wrong word):oops:

where did the hi thread go to

i feel you pain........

wtf? no i dont haha

serious tho get yourself some stronger med's


you're right!!! HUKD ain't real without me!!!! Nah nah nah nah - it's so … you're right!!! HUKD ain't real without me!!!! Nah nah nah nah - it's so empty without me!!!!Name that tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without me - Eminem



and with that I say goodnight!!!! Off to Youtube disco dance,lool

take care SS, you're no AC3, but you're pretty good nonetheless :thumbsup:


got something stronger? I'm interested!!!

just ask GP, they always start you off with the weak stuff then work their way up if you tell them you are still in pain

omg did i just give good advice?
bed time i think lol

awww hope your back gets better soon SS xxxxx night night hun xx

me and al miss you too lukey :-(

Bring back AC3!!!!

without wishing to go all sparkly gif on your ass, good to see you back on here starsparkle.

Now back to my cycnical lolz hugs hating usual self.

I thought you were going bed?

You've outstayed your return to "The Misc".
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