Oxford Reading Tree Books Stage 1 & 1+

    Is there anyone out there with the stage 1 or stage 1+ books who are interested in selling on? My son has just started reception and I managed to get 2 at the weekend, but he want's to read more!

    My older son has the mixed set from the book people, but it was the first stages I was particularly interested in. We've got 6 in a bed and the Seaside book.

    Have got about 10 quid in paypal at the mo and could easily transfer as a gift if anyone has any bargains (especially any sets). Many thanks in advance.


    Is this the scheme they use in his school? Won't he get them there?

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    Yes it is. They won't send them any reading books home for another 3 weeks!. He is desperate to read like his older brother, so I'm trying to help him along. Will try to keep his enthusiasm going for as long as possible:)

    I understand your thinking, but he will be reading the same books in school and if he is already familiar with them he will either get bored quickly or give the teachers a false view of his abilities. Haven't the school given you any pre-reading work to do with him?

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    No, no prereading. There was none with my eldest either. They just move on up through the different stages when they either read to the teacher or at home using the reading record book. As long as they can read, they just move on at whatever stage.
    Hopefully someone can help me out!

    Try this…ry_ these are Oxford reading Tree 'Read at home books' so hopefully at least you won't get any of these books sent home by the school!

    I have both sets of the books offerred by the book people. oxford reading tree at home. in total thats 6 of each levels 1 to 4. There is also a first dictionary and a helping your child to read handbook. My son has just started Year 1 and is now on stage 7. He really loved them and we read them in addition to books sent from school. As these are read at home books they are different to the ones used in school-i know as i am a primary school teacher!!! Happy to sell them although postage may not be cheap. Do you want me to call at post office and get price for postage tomorrow. I would want £10 for both of the sets.

    They are in perfect condition too. Book people only appear to be selling set 1. I have set 2 as well.

    other thing you can do is push the school for more. I send a set of 5 books home a week for the reception children i teach yet my sons school has the standard practice of sending home 1 a week-which i think is ridiculous!!! I managed to get them to agree to send 4 a week and then at weekends we read the ORT ones. My son also loved the fact they that were HIS!!

    Hi, i have just bought a set of oxford reading tree stage 1,2,3 and four - four of each stage for £9.99 from [url][/url] - come in a resealable pouch to keep them nice. fast delivery excellent quality on sale at moment giving you a saving of £42 off retail, well worth the buy:thumbsup:
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