P3 Set up -Help needed please. ( Complete Novice!!)

    Just got a PS3 today - need some help please.
    First of all i am using a HDMI splitter with 2 outputs -one is being used for dvd hd recorder and the other is Sky hd box.
    Will i just unplug the dvd recorder , plug the PS3 in and it will automatically find its own av channel and not over ride the dvd av set up ? ( novice here , so bear with me , bought this for the Blu -Ray !)

    I don';'t really want to buy another 4 HDMI splitter, as buying a av amp and new speakers very shortly - want some advice on those too -Sony str dg820 amp with 4 HDMI and HD sound - want speakers around £150-£200 very maximum if anyone can recommend .

    Also , how do i get online wirelessly with the PS3 ?
    I have a Linksy ADSLrouter with works great and links to my laptop downstairs wirelessly .
    I have no idea what the settings were ( can''t remember !) and never used a games console to go online with - just want to be able to get all the PS3 updates .
    Any help in very simple terms would be greatly appreciated and will give rep for.
    Thanks in advance .


    I think the HDMI splitter uses the same channel for both HDMI inputs, it just switches between them? So it would be fine in that respect (I think).

    As for connecting to the internet, you can try remember your password for the wireless, or you can login to your router and find out there. Or you can plug the PS3 into the router using a network cable.

    Original Poster

    Is it the same password i use for my laptop connection ???

    yes same password

    son says YES !


    For connecting online, simply go to settings then to the very bottom option and i think its Internet Connection Settings or something. Then follow the steps, this can be done easily by just allowing the ps3 to search for your connection, then selecting your one. After choosing your connection it will ask you for your password (WEP KEY or another option i think its WSPASK or something along them lines LOL) just enter in the password you use for your laptop. After entering these details in, it will test your connection and let you know whether you have set it up correctly.

    This was how i did mine although it was a long time agao LOL, any questions jsut ask
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