P30 pro Vs Mate 20 pro - upgrading from pixel 2xl

Posted 9th May
Currently have a pixel2xl whose camera I've enjoyed but screen has been poor. it's also a bit unwieldy in terms of size but I've become used to this. the screen was broken recently and cost of repair too much so am looking to upgrade.

Budget under 300, and looking for refurbished flagships of yesteryear.

was tempted by pixel 3xl...but fancy a change? can be convinced...

I think im waiting for p30 pro to drop in price (I wasn't on here when there were the Huawei promo cashback deals alas!), but might be tempted with a good refurbished mate 20 pro in the meanwhile....

Don't know what to do!

thoughts / advice appreciated!
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I have the Mate and the Mrs has the p30.

The Mate screen resolution is better and the stereo sound is nice.
The camera is marginally better on the p30

Other than that there are no significant differences
If you can handle the size (I noted that you said your current phone was a bit unwieldy but that you got used to it), look at the Mate 20 X. Great phone!
The zoom on the P30 Pro is very good if it is the camera you are after. Otherwise, the internals are quite similar.
Thanks folks - I think I might just be tempted by a mate 20 pro...

Given its older hoping that battery will be reasonable on a refurb - and any faults covered by warranty... Are things like screen burn in covered by warranties from music magpie / cex etc?

Mate 20x a bit too big I think!!

Any other wild cards before I bite?
If you are into audio, LG V30 or V40 have awesome quad DAC's.
I have the mate 20 pro,i also had the p30 Pro,both bought new on O2 refresh deals,I prefer the mate 20 pro due to better screen & more secure face unlock,I sold the p30 pro
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