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    I'm just looking for some advice, I've received my P60 from this past year, and the total amount received is much higher than what I actually got paid during the year, I have had to take a few instances of absence due to a long term medical condition (some qualifying for ssp, some being less than 3 days) would that be why? do I contact anyone about this as the difference is around £3000 for the year.

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    Do I contact anyone then? because all I did was add together my years pay slips and the difference was just under 3000 to what my P60 said I was paid, it's the first time this has happened to me so I'm not sure what to do?

    Phone HMRC, they will explain how they worked it out and should be able to rectify it if there is a problem

    Have you added up your gross or net....

    P60 will have gross, tax deducted NHI, and Net Pay..

    I would raise it with your HR/payroll dept first. They will probably be able to give a quicker answer after all its your company that decide how much you get paid and HMRC only decide how much tax you pay on it. As rcwmeg says you need to check if you're looking at gross or net (after tax). You could be entitled to a rebate if you've paid too much tax.

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    I will sit and look into it so emote and then call the tax office, I'm not at work at to ask payroll due to illness but I'm still sure I've looked at the correct figures, thanks all

    Also check your net pay for each slip matches the payments through the bank (if you weren't paid cash that is).


    you can put in a complaint as you should have got this ages ago! we sent all ours by the 30th May
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