p9 lite or HTC a9s

    Partners looking at a new mobile contract with I'd mobile, they've some good offers on budget handsets and looking at probably the Huawei p9 lite or the HTC a9s.

    Any experience on either of these sets? Think she's leaning towards the a9s as she's had htc phones before, but the Huawei looks to have slightly better specs.


    I lean towards HTC for same reason having used them before.
    Returned my only Huawei cos I couldn't get used to it

    I'd go for the HTC as well, had 2 in the past and been very happy with them.

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    Cheers guys

    Have no experience of either but I have seen a lot of positive posts on here about the P9 Lite, eg.…526

    Just a heads up, the Huawei device will have significantly better battery life, if that's important to you.

    if you wait until Feb 1st, Huawei's P8 Lite 2017 will be available from Vodafone on PAYG for £185. It has good specs and will have Android 7.0 and the new Version of EMUI that has an app drawer. I know it's the P8 Lite 2017,but it is the new version of last year's P9 Lite.…st/

    Avoid the P9 Lite the camera is garbage and the software isn't up to standard. I've haven't lasted 24 hours with it and sold it. I bought a Moto G4 which is a million times better.
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