P9 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

LocalFound 14th Jun 2017
Hi. My wife needs a new phone and we have whittled it down to a P9 or S7 edge.

we have compared specs but I was hoping to get some feedback from some of you lovely hukder's. I've read some negative feedback on lack of updates from huawei?

we don't have budget to go for latest release phones.

camera quality and processing speed are highest priorities for her.

many thanks

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I have the p9 lite, and it suits my needs if that helps?
I think s7 Edge, fast charging, great camera, the Huawei camera is meh and the video capabilities are terrible also I don't think the p9 wont be getting much update support from Huawei, theres a reason they where £200 a while ago

Have you thought about the moto z? I have one and can't fault it especially with the offer on here you can get it new for £289 from motorola
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i have just upgraded from the Samsung s5 mini to the Samsung s7 edge and it is fantastic.. much much quicker... great camera just and overall nice phone...
s7 edge is still a fantastic phone . i love the fast charging and it look great.
it's not the edge but mobiles.co.uk have a good deal on the S7 at the moment and if budget is priority then I would suggest this

s7 edge is still a fantastic phone . i love the fast charging and it look … s7 edge is still a fantastic phone . i love the fast charging and it look great.

​it does charge very quick and looks nice
rather the S7 edge than the normal flat S7. The Edge has much better battery life.
i owned the P9 and have used the s7 edge.

both phones are very good but the s7 edge has a bigger battery, better screen and OIS. the P9 is slimmer, has an excellent 2 camera leica branded lens and can fast charge (you have to buy an official 12v huawei charger from

the one thing that puts me off is the heavy skin that both OEM's have

Touchwiz is not for me and emui is slightly better but still annoying at times.

if they were both the same price id say get an s7 edge... otherwise get a oneplus 3T
thank you all for your comments. much appreciated.
s7 edge all the way.....sold mine last week on eBay as I now have the s8.....the s7 is still a beast of phone.....never had any issue with it.
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