PAC code from 3 network

    Hello all,

    1) I would like to know if it is possible to pass on the PAC code given at the end of a contract onto a friend/relative who is purchasing a new contract (obviously details such as name, DOB, etc. would be different). Has anyone done this?

    2) if the PAC code is given by 3 would it be possible to use it on another 3 contract?

    I think its something useful to know & keep in mind.

    Plz feel free to share your experiences :wink:



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    Yes, you can do this. You can even buy a nice number on ebay request the PAC code for it and transfer the number to your phone - even though your details are different than those of the person who bought the number.

    PAC code is assigned to a number, not to a person, so it can be freely transfered between different people.

    Ad 2) I very much doubt this. I'm not 100% sure about 3, but you certainly can't do it with other networks, like Orange for example. The easy trick to do is get any free payg simcard on a different than you yours network, transfer your current number to the payg, as soon as this is done, request a pac code for the transfered number on payg and transfer it back to your new account on the same old network.

    BTW, you are the first person I've met who wants to stay on 3 after they've just finished they contract.

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    Original Poster

    thanks for the info kemot1984.

    didn't know that you could transfer a pac code from a monthly contract onto a payg phone :?:


    regarding to 2, i agree with kemot1984. transferring a number within a network doesn't seem to be possible. but you never know, so it is worth asking your network, sometimes you might get lucky that the cs agent lets you.

    i could understand why Shum1st would like to transfer an old 3 number to a new 3 contract, because i also would like to do that too. getting my expiring contract to a new super cheap new 3 contract while keeping the same number.

    it is undoubtedly 3 still has the most competitive price plan with the redemptions, currently some shops are offering 12mth contract free 12mth line rental with 400min 250txt (see hot deals forum).
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