PAC code letter to cpw


    I'm writing up the letter to send cpw for my PAC code, what do I need to include?
    and do I need to send it by recorded/special delivery or will a first class stamp do?



    PAC code? Or do you mean MAC code?

    1st class will do.. Why you sending the letter?

    I honestly can't remember what I wrote, but I sent it via 1st class and received a text with my PAC code shortly after.
    Might have the letter stored on the computer at work somewhere, not promising anything.

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    yeah PAC code, the one for mobile phones to port numbers

    they said I needed to

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    thanx MB, don't worry about looking for it, I will just put as much information as I can on it.

    How do you start the letter? with hi, dear, or neither

    errm for a pac code you need to contact your network not CPW I usually just phone them up, failing that send an email and its soon sorted, on the phone is straightaway.

    why dont you just ring up for a pac code?
    I rang for one, so much less hastle

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    sorry, it was O2 cpw, they phoned me, and told me to send them a letter

    CPW are particularly irritating. You have to write to them.


    sorry, it was O2 cpw, they phoned me, and told me to send them a letter

    I spoke to o2 over the phone and they emailed the PAC to me same day ........

    why dont you phone them

    this can be done over the phone

    You just need to send it regular mail...if they don't reply in a few days with the PAC code, then phone and ask if they received it or not. In the letter, include the date, address, name, and mobile number. Just say you wish to switch to another provider so please send the PAC code.

    i still dontget why you would send a letter when you can get it over the phone. i have

    CPW O2 is different from O2 at least in terms of billing.

    To request a PAC code from CPW O2 you need to give them 30 days notice in writing.
    They do ask you to call them first to get a Disconnection Reference Number which you include in your letter but you shouldnt need it to get the PAC, though may speed things up.

    Make sure you send your letter Recorded otherwise you have no proof that they have received the letter.
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