Paces to go on holiday in January?

    I'm looking for ideas for places to go on a cheap holiday in january outside of the UK.

    looking at going in the second week of january.

    Where is nice and cheap to go?



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    any suggestions?


    How cheap is cheap?
    Nice = warm?

    South of Spain? Madeira?

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    well im quite happy with a cold place, went to berlin last year around the same time and it was beautiful in the cold..

    so probably cold over hot

    I'm no help then, I only like warrm!

    I did see that Berlin had a lot of good deals on some of the travel sites today.

    fist choice have some amazing all inclusive deals for tunisia in January.... were talking round the £270 per person mark.

    Venice is really cheap in January, and it's a great time to go because there are hardly any tourists. You can get some excellent accommodation deals in the off season.


    I need to get a passport so I can get some winter sun (_;)
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