package deals for final of a football match??

    never been abroad before with a football team but rather than make your olwn accomodation, travel arrangemtns etc dont the football team usually offer some kind of deal especially if its for a final? if anyones ever done one do you know if they only give you enough time to watch the game or do they give you a day or two for sightseeing or something like that? thankyoux

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    I went to the Cup Winner Cup final in Stockholm in 1998, and we arrived the day before so we had plenty of time to sight see ( or get drunk I think it was lol), but after the game it was straight to the cattle market, sorry airport where it was a free for all on the runway to grab any plane flying back to Gatwick and it was a nightmare. Saying that the whole experience was fantastic, but football tours organised by clubs are a very hit and miss affair as to how long you get, and from memory there were several different ones offering various 1,2 or 3 day packages.
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