Packing/Parcel Tape That's Silent

Found 30th Dec 2010
Hi, Could any one recommend brown parcel/packing tape that's very quiet.

you might be thinking LOL, but the noise is driving the other half mad!!

I tend to do a little ebaying of a night and pack stuff up, I'm using 3M Scotch decent quality tape (purchased direct from 3M), the noise of it coming off the roll is quite loud I must say, even with my misses downstairs and tv on she can still hear it when I upstairs and I'm getting ear ache!

Could anyone suggest a good quality "low noise" parcel tape (brown), I don't mind buying in bulk of 36 or 48 rolls etc as long as it's the same quality as 3M and silent
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you could try the old fashioned method of string...
sensible options please
maybe one for dragons' den?


You should look at getting Scotch low noise tape.I use it for the same … You should look at getting Scotch low noise tape.I use it for the same purpose you require.I got a few rolls a while back on a previous offer Amazon had.http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000I5U58E/ref=oss_productClear - http://www.3mselect.co.uk/p-1776-scotch-super-clear-low-noise-packing-packaging-tape-48mm-x-66m-6-rolls.aspxBrown - http://www.3mselect.co.uk/p-1775-scotch-brown-buff-low-noise-packing-packaging-tape-48mm-x-66m-6-rolls.aspx

Thanks Bazza, I was just looking at those, they didn't have them on the site when I ordered a few months ago
1 review "this tape is not low noise" oO
i bought a roll from the post office pretty quite my mum likes to complain about noise alot! and light to its lasted me 2 months and ive got loads left and its like 2.20 summin like that.
ohhh i thought you were on about parcel wrapping paper sorry
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I Had this problem, my son used to cry at the noise of selotape! could never find a quiet one though
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