Paddling pool where on the high street can I get one, not Argos.

Hiya all just a quickie, I have promised the kids a paddling pool today, yeah I should of thought ahead, lol, anyhow both city centre Argos are out of stock of most of them.
The pool can't be to huge, as although the garden is massive it's mostly sloped.
Anywhere on the high street I could look, any shop I have pretty every much shop going where I am apart from the 2 northen ones that are always on here b and M and Tj hughes is it, being a southerner.
Having a total blank moment as to where to look.....
So any ideas Thankyou x


Check out ASDA or TESCO!!

Early learning centre...

Would be a bit more expensive, but if you cant find one anywhere else then garden centres often sell them

Toys R Us?
Early Learning Centre?

Obviously, try places like supermarket first for cheaper one

Wilkinsons? Superdrug sometimes ell them too.

Homebargains, Quite cheap too. :thumbsup:

Wherebouts are you?

My local Edinburgh Sainsbury's had, and possibly might still have, paddling pools. I think the Tesco near my work had them too. Pound Stretchers I'm fairly sure had them advertised in the window, and John Lewis usuallys ells that sort of thing. Asda is probably worth scoping out, too. Give your local branch a call.

Good luck. I'm guessing though that you aren't in Edinburgh, since the weather's pish up here today.

i bought one from b&q a few weeks ago x

B&Q definately. They had a big sale on in Aberdeen at the weekend for Garden furniture and paddling pools

Have you got a Mothercare?
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