Posted 5th Apr 2022
I've currently got to q7 with my £5k intact. Am I correct in thinking if I split the pot from this point on I'm guaranteed a win even if all my bets fail - except the final one
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    Q7 split £5000 win £2500 either way
    Q8 split £2500 win £1250 either way
    Q9 split £1250 win £750 either way
    Q10 split £750 win £375 either way
    Q11 split £375 win £188/187 either way
    Q12 split £188 win £94 either way
    Q13 split £94 win £47 either way
    Q14 split £47 win £24/23 either way
    Q15 split £24 win £12 either way

    Rules don't say you can't split on final question. So you can guarantee an approximate £12 (edited)
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    I wouldn't start splitting it just yet. It's free to play so you're not losing anything. But to get £12 at the end now is it really worth it I'd only consider splitting every question from Q10 onwards but that's me personally. The only way you will know when to do it is when you're happy with the end outcome. But in answer to your question yes you are guaranteed £12 from now if you split every question evenly
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    Thanks for confirming that
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    Yeah I tend to keep going until I get to apply the £70 cash out mark then split the rest of the way. Had two wins in around six months of this amount
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    I've gotten up to Q9 with 5k and lost. I too will only only split at Q10 to get something decent out of it
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    I’ve managed to get up to question 11, with the full 5k in my pot, How can I split this to guarantee a win? And how much will I win? Thanks
    £156.25 if I'm reading it right and you've got 10 questions right. You just need to leave the marker right in the middle and split the pot on every question to the end. Well played btw!