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Found 14th Nov 2017
Hi have upgraded my ram and now have 2 sticks of g skills and 2 sticks of Kingston ram 8gb each stick.

I have them running in dual channel though this error has started to come.

I am thinking that the ram is not compabilble with the other ram that I have already installed.

Any ideas?
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Reseat the modules (take them out and put them back in again). Afterwards run a memory tester of your choice.

To run the Windows build-in one click Start/Run, type MDSCHED and let it restart when prompted.

Alternatively, for more exaustive test, you can create a CD/USB stick with UltimateBootCD that comes with Memtest86+ on it and boot the PC from that.

UltimateBootCD link
USB maker for UltimateBootCD link
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Also have you checked your memory profiles in the bios and made sure your bios is updated ?
Have you tried running the new RAM alone? It could be a compatibility issue. Reset BIOS incase it isn't optimizing it correctly.
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