Paid 80p for a song on my phone from nokia

    Paid 80p for a song on my phone from nokia. But its a re released version by the same singer. She's probably 40yrs older than when she first sang it and she sounds carp. It didn't say the release date so thought it was the original. I want my money back, i'll steal the original when i get home but thats not the point. Its the principle. I'm trying to change my ways but getting the wrong recording doesn't help. Can i get my money back then?


    I'm sure everyone has bought a CD (or record) they regret, its no different when its digital... :giggle:

    Take it as a lesson in life... [COLOR=#efefef](and stick to downloading in the future...)[/COLOR]

    Nokia says No Deal, they have already used your 80p to open a factory in Timbuktu where they can keep all the old recording artists and poke them to sing and rip off more 80pees

    P.S. Stop whining, it wasn't as if you lost you quid or something!

    what was the song

    Original Poster Banned

    Is an 80's song so too embarrassed to say obviously :opps:
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