Paid for holiday but prices have shot down

Found 13th Jun 2009

Myself and a few mates booked a holiday last weekend. We are going in August and we knew we would be able to save money if we left it as a late deal, but we just wanted to get it sorted. Anyway, for ages the prices for what we wanted were all about £400-ish. I have been on the same travel agents site this week (I don't know why) and they are all atleast £100 less and it's still nowhere near being a late deal! I don't know how much we would stand to lose if we canceled it ( it may be less than what we could gain by re-booking, i don't know ???), but also, would it be worth phoning to say we could book it now cheaper and that we're willing pay any cancellations in an attempt to get some money back? Stingy i know, but still, i like saving money like the rest of you.

We should have probably left it later, but we wanted to have it sorted out. It just seems so weird that within a week the price has shifted so much.
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Lol imagine if everybody booked their holidays and then cancelled and rebooked at the last minute,I am sure the agents would love to help you out,
once holiday booked, always stop looking, unless of course you want to get peed off because you find cheaper - lol
This is why places like exist. The later it gets to the holiday/flight..ect the cheaper it gets. Its the way it is. People have paid £2,000 on deals before only for it to be £500 nearer to the time.
Booked mine in Feb & the price has now shot up by £600
I PAID £2 PER NIGHT HALF BOARD last October half term.Some people had booked as a package and paid £400 (mine was £75 total each) It depends if you can take the risk and wait, you have proved that you couldn't as you definately wanted a holiday and was happy to pay XXX amount at the the prev op said....don't look any more and put it down to experience.
Nothing worse when that happens. I used to work in a travel agents and I think you will probably find that you would lose nearly all the money by cancelling now, it probably wouldn't be worth it.

Enjoy your holiday anyway.
I had a holiday booked and paid £100 deposit last October the total cost was just over £1400.

I found a similar holiday in the same area and the same week for under £1000 so I rang the Holiday Co. and switch over I had to pay £70 admin but I have still saved a large wedge
Once you have booked your holiday you are tied to there T&C's and if i remember rightly if you chose to cancel your holiday 8 weeks or more before departure date then its loss of deposit , 8-5 weeks before 50% then 5-3wks 70%, 3wks-11days 90% then 10days-0 it's 100%.

It is always worth writing to the companies Head Office and see if they will honour the new lower price but tbh i doubt they would.

If customers came in our shop with this query i would say exactly what JP ^^^^ said lol.

Good luck tho :thumbsup:
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