paid offers scam? anyone use them

Found 16th Jul 2014
hi I was looking to earn a little extra cash is paid offers a scam. before you draw out you need do 26 offers which would make you a £1000.

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I seen that. It doesn't look too legit. Probably possible to complete it. But the likelihood of them giving you £1000 is slim
I've seen that 26 offers for £1000 thing. I've seen comments from people about it, and it seems they allow you to complete 24 or 25 of the offers but they will always say the final offer can't be verified or something like that.
dont do it, it's called breakage - the point at which you no longer will sign up to an offer because it will cost more than the amount you are being promised.

meanwhile, you have just given your contact info to 25 other companies who will hound you until the end of time.

i thought these scam sites disappeared 10 years ago.
there's a thread on MSE.
it seemed like a fly by night semi legit operation based abroad or something (esp as the nominet search comes back that the site is registered to an individual not a company)
but in reality it's a kent based company with 36 employees!
just looking at that page, it seems like a decent tech company.
then you look at their portfolio
and it looks like they have some of the worst sites and most tiresome business model i've come across in a while

ASA ruled against them
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