paid sub free of all these games any one want to help

    i need some help to find out what games in thise list are free to play, free to downlaod, have to buy game and then free to play or buy game and then monthly subscription and then how much sub is a month (£)



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    2Moons — 3D Extreme-Action/Fantasy, free-to-play
    9Dragons — 3D Chinese Martial Arts Adventure, free-to-play

    A Tale in the Desert — 3D Non-combat
    AirRivals – 3D science fiction, spaceship combat. Previously known as Space Cowboy Online or "Ace Online". Free-to-play
    Age of Armor - Online Robot Fighting
    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (May 2008) — 3D Fantasy (subscription based)
    [COLOR="Blue"]Aion: The Tower of Eternity — 3D Fantasy[/COLOR]
    Alganon — (under development) 3D Fantasy
    Anarchy Online — 3D Science Fiction, partial Free-to-play
    Angel Love Online — Sprite-based Fantasy
    ArchLord — 3D Fantasy, Free-to-play since August 2007. The game is now free to play without having to pay to register for the game.
    Armada Online — (Under development, alpha) Science Fiction
    Asda Story — 3D Fantasy, partial free-to-play
    Asheron's Call — 3D Fantasy
    Asheron's Call 2 — (defunct) 3D Fantasy
    Atlantica Online — 3D Fantasy, Strategy Turn-based, free-to-play
    Auto Assault — (defunct) 3D Vehicle Combat
    AdventureQuest Worlds - 2.5D Fantasy, free-to-play with option of upgrade.

    Black Prophecy - (Under Development) 3D science fiction, spaceship combat
    Blade & Soul — (Under Development) 3D Oriental Martial Art
    Blood Wars - Become a vampire and fight with others in the last city in the world.
    BOTS!! - 3D online robot fighting game

    [COLOR="Blue"]Cabal Online — 3D Fantasy[/COLOR]
    Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall - 3D Cartoon universe
    Champions Online — 3D Comic book universe
    Chronicles of Spellborn, The — 3D Fantasy
    Chronicles of Gyron - 2D Fantasy
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]City of Heroes — 3D, Comic book universe (combines with City of Villains)
    City of Villains — 3D, Comic book universe (combines with City of Heroes)[/COLOR]
    Clan Lord — 2D Fantasy, primarily Macintosh
    Club Penguin — 2D, Fictional Life Simulation, partial free-to-play
    Concerto Gate — 3D Fantasy
    Conquer Online — Sprite, Mythical China
    Cronous — 3D Fantasy
    Cross Gate — Sprite-based
    Crowns of Power — 3D Fantasy, Free To Play

    Dark Age of Camelot — 3D Fantasy Arthurian/Celtic/Norse mythology
    Dark Ages — Sprite Fantasy Celtic mythology
    Dark and Light — 3D
    Darkeden — Sprite Horror
    Darkfall — 3D Fantasy
    Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands — Sprite Fantasy
    DECO Online — 3D Fantasy
    DC Universe Online - (Under Development Pre-Alpha) 3D, DC Comics book universe.
    Diaspora (computer game) — (defunct) 2D Space Trading Game
    Disney's Toontown Online — 3D Game
    Dofus — 2D fantasy, tactical, combat
    Dragon Ball Online — (under development) 3D Dragon Ball universe
    Dragonica — (open beta) 3D side-scrolling Fantasy, Free to play
    DragonFable 2D game
    DragonRealms — Text-based, Real Time
    Dreamlords — 3D, both browser-based and client-based
    Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach — 3D Dungeons & Dragons universe (3.5 Ruleset)
    Dungeon Runners — 3D Fantasy, partial free-to-play

    Earthrise (video game) — (under development) 3D Science Fiction
    [COLOR="Blue"]Earth & Beyond — (defunct) 3D Science Fiction[/COLOR]
    Earth Eternal — (under development) 3D Medieval Fantasy
    Emil Chronicle Online — 3D Fantasy
    Empire of Sports - (beta) 3D Sports game
    Entropia Universe - 3D SciFi and first RCE MMO, started in 2001
    Eternal Lands — (under development, beta) 3D Medieval Fantasy
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]EVE Online — 3D Science Fiction, space vehicle piloting (subscription based)[/COLOR]
    EverQuest — 3D Fantasy
    EverQuest II — 3D Fantasy (sequel to Everquest)
    EverQuest Online Adventures — 3D (Playstation 2 only; prequel to Everquest)

    Face of Mankind - (under re-development) 3d Sci-Fi, free-to-play/pay for premium
    Fallen Earth — (under development) 3D Post-apocalyptic
    Fantasy Westward Journey — 2D Chinese Fantasy
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Final Fantasy XI — 3D Final Fantasy universe (Multiplatform: PC, Playstation 2, Xbox 360)
    Final Fantasy XIV — (under development) 3D Final Fantasy universe (Multiplatform: PC, Playstation 3)[/COLOR]
    Fung Wan Online — 3D Chinese Fantasy
    Furcadia — 2D Fantasy
    Fury (computer game) - (defunct) 3D player-vs-player fantasy
    Free Realms — 3D Fantasy, free-to-play

    Gekkeiju Online — 3D Medieval Fantasy,
    Gemstone IV - Text-based, real time
    Ghost Online - 2D oriental fantasy, side scrolling
    Global Agenda - (Closed Alpha) New FPS set in near-future
    Goal Line Blitz - (beta) American football simulation
    GodsWar Online — (under development) 3D Greek mythology
    Granado Espada (Sword of the New World) — 3D Age of Exploration/Fantasy
    Grand Chase - 2D Fantasy, Side-scrolling, action/fighting free to play
    Guild Wars — 3D Fantasy, free-to-play; campaign settings and expansions must be purchased.

    Helbreath — Sprite-based Fantasy
    Hello Kitty Online —(Closed Beta) Help Hello Kitty defeat bad guys! free-to-play
    Hero Online — 3D Chinese mythology, free-to-play
    Hero's Journey — (under development) 3D Fantasy
    The Hooded Gunman — Text-based and turn-based Historical ("The Troubles", Irish para-militarism)
    Horizons: Empire of Istaria — 3D Fantasy

    Infinity: The Quest for Earth — (under development) 3D Science Fiction; spaceship simulator

    Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative — 3D Science Fiction
    Jumpgate: Evolution - (in Beta Testing) 3D Science Fiction

    Knight Online — 3D Fantasy
    Kingdom of Loathing — Text Based (humour)

    LaTale — 2D Side-scrolling Fanstasy
    The Legend of Ares — 3D Fantasy
    The Legend of Mir 2 — Sprite
    The Legend of Mir 3 — Sprite (sequel to Legend of Mir 2)
    Legends of Future Past - Text-based Fantasy
    Lineage — Sprite-based Fantasy
    Lineage II — 3D Fantasy (sequel to Lineage)
    Lineage III — (under development) sequel to Lineage II
    The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar - 3D the world of Middle Earth (subscription based)
    Lunia — (open beta) 3D Fantasy Action Adventure

    Mabinogi — 3D Fantasy, Welsh Mythology, free-to-play
    Magical Land — Sprite-based Fantasy
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]MapleStory — 2D Side-scrolling Fantasy, Free to play[/COLOR]
    The Matrix Online — 3D The Matrix universe
    Megami Tensei Online: IMAGINE — 3D Modern meets mythologies
    Meridian 59 — 3D fantasy, pay-to-play
    Metin 2 — 3D Fantasy
    Minions of Mirth — 3D
    Mortal Online — 3D Fantasy
    Monato Esprit — (open beta) 3D Fantasy
    Monster Farm Online
    Motor City Online - (Defunct) Muscle car outfitting and racing
    MU Online — 3D Medieval Fantasy
    Myth War Online — 2D Fantasy
    Mythos — 3D
    Myst Online — (under development) 3D opensource mmorpg

    Neocron and Neocron 2 — 3D Cyberpunk
    NEO Shifters
    Neverwinter Nights (AOL)
    Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds — Sprite-based Korean mythology
    Nostale — 2.5D Fantasy

    None avliable

    Pardus - 2D Space War and Trading game, free to play
    Perfect World — 3D Fantasy, free to play with in-game item purchases
    Phoenix Dynasty Online — 2D Fantasy, free to play
    Pirates of the Burning Sea — 3D Historical Maritime
    Pirates of the Caribbean Online — 3D Quasi-Historical Maritime, Pirates of the Caribbean Universe
    PlaneShift — 3D Fantasy (Under Development, Beta)
    Planetarion — One of the oldest, space based genre defining text based games.
    Priston Tale (2001, Yedong Online) — 3D Fantasy
    Poptropica - 2D Adventure free-to-play
    Puppet Guardian - 2D Adventure Fantasy free-to-play

    Original Poster

    None available

    Rohan: Blood Feud — 3D Fantasy
    Ragnarok Online — 3D environment with sprite-based Norse/mixed mythology
    Ragnarok Online 2 — (under development, open beta) 3D (sequel to Ragnarok Online)
    Ran Online — 3D Campus Fantasy
    Rappelz — 3D Fantasy
    The Realm Online — Sprite-based Fantasy
    Regnum Online — 3D Medieval Fantasy
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Requiem: Bloodymare — 3D Fantasy, dark-themed[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]RF Online — 3D Science Fiction meets Fantasy[/COLOR]
    Roma Victor — 3D Roman Empire Historical
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]ROSE Online — 3D Fantasy[/COLOR]
    Rubies of Eventide — 3D Fantasy (On indefinite Hiatus)
    Runes of Magic — 3D Fantasy
    RuneScape — 3D Medieval Fantasy Webbrowser, free to play with optional expansion of £3.50($5.95) monthly charge.
    Ryzom — 3D Science Fiction meets Fantasy

    Sangokushi Online — Chinese Historical
    Secret of the Solstice - Sprite-based Fantasy, free-to-play
    The Secret World — (under development) 3D Modern
    Seal Online — 3D Fantasy
    Shadowbane — (Defunct) 3D Fantasy, free-to-play
    Shaiya — 3D Fantasy, free-to-play
    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine - 3D Fantasy, free-to-play
    Sho Online — 3D MMORPG Chinese Fantasy, free-to-play
    Shot-Online — 3D Golf MMORPG
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Silkroad Online — 3D Fantasy, free-to-play[/COLOR]
    Soul of the Ultimate Nation — 3D Fantasy
    Star Trek Online — (under development) Science Fiction
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Star Wars Galaxies — 3D Science Fiction Star Wars universe
    Star Wars: The Old Republic — (under development) 3D Science Fiction Star Wars universe[/COLOR]
    Stargate Worlds — (under development) 3D, Science Fiction Stargate universe (PC and Xbox 360)
    StarQuest Online — Science Fiction
    Survival Project - 2D Fantasy
    Scions of Fate or Yulgang -- Sprite-based Fantasy, free-to-play

    A Tale in the Desert — 3D Ancient Egypt Historical
    Tabula Rasa (Destination Games, 2008 — 2009) — 3D Sci-fi Game, FPS-Style.
    Tales of Eternia Online — Sprite-based Fantasy
    Tales of Pirates — 3D Fantasy
    Tantra Online — 3D Hindu mythology
    Terra (computer game) — 3D armoured battle game in a 24x7 virtual world
    The 4th Coming — Sprite-based Fantasy
    Tibia — Sprite-based Fantasy
    Toontown Online — 3D Disney Cartoon setting
    Trickster Online — Sprite-based Fantasy
    Turf Battles
    Twelve Sky - 3D Fantasy, free to play
    Twelve Sky 2 - 3D Fantasy, free to play
    Twin Skies - Browser based fantasy MMO with a 3D client component

    Ultima Online — 2D Medieval Fantasy
    Uncharted Waters Online — 3D, Historical Maritime
    Urban Dead — HTML/text-based Zombie Horror
    Underlight — enforced in-character Roleplaying game

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes — 3D, Fantasy
    Voyage Century Online — 3D, Historical Maritime
    Vendetta Online — 3D Science Fiction, space vehicle piloting (twitch-based interface)

    Wakfu — 2D Fantasy, tactical
    Warhammer 40,000 Online - Upcoming sc-fi MMORPG based on Warhammer 40k
    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning — 3D Fantasy, set in Warhammer Fantasy universe
    Westward Journey — Sprite-based Fantasy
    Wizard101 — 3D Wizard Game, with cards, and chat is kid-safe
    With Your Destiny — 3D Fantasy, also known as Supreme Destiny
    WonderKing Online — 2D Side-scrolling Fantasy, Free to play
    World of Darkness MMORPG designed by CCP based on White Wolf's World of Darkness.
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]World of Warcraft — 3D Fantasy, set in the Warcraft universe. (subscription based)[/COLOR]
    World War II Online — 3D Historical WWII
    Wurm Online — 3D Medieval Fantasy


    none avalible

    Yogurting — 3D Campus Fantasy
    Yulgang — 3D Fantasy, also known as Scions of Fate

    Zhengtu — 2D, Chinese mythology
    Zu Online — 3D, Chinese mythology

    Games highlighed in blue credit to tanchi for helping me find out this information

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    going to create a site with joolma, credit will be added to those who help and rep will let left for everyone that helps



    Aion: The Tower of Eternity — 3D Fantasy - Pay for game, plus monthly subscription. (PC)

    World of Warcraft — 3D Fantasy, set in the Warcraft universe. Free to download + (subscription based) (PC)

    Final Fantasy XI — 3D Final Fantasy universe (Multiplatform: PC, Playstation 2, Xbox 360) Pay for game, subscription based

    Cabal Online — 3D Fantasy - Free to download - subscription based

    Final Fantasy XIV — (under development) 3D Final Fantasy universe (Multiplatform: PC, Playstation 3) Buy game In Shops, Subscription

    Star Wars Galaxies — 3D Science Fiction Star Wars universe - free to download - Subscription (PC)

    Star Wars: The Old Republic — (under development) 3D Science Fiction Star Wars universe free to download - Subscription - (PC)

    RF Online — 3D Science Fiction meets Fantasy - Free to d/l - free to play - uses a in-game shop system (pc)

    EVE Online — 3D Science Fiction, space vehicle piloting (subscription based) (pc) free to download

    Requiem: Bloodymare — 3D Fantasy, dark-themed - free to download (think its subscription based)

    MapleStory — 2D Side-scrolling Fantasy, Free to play (shop system) PC

    City of Heroes — 3D, Comic book universe (combines with City of Villains) - buy online/shops - subscription, pc

    City of Villains — 3D, Comic book universe (combines with City of Heroes) - buy online/shops - subscription, pc

    Earth & Beyond — (defunct) 3D Science Fiction - Thought they shut this game down in 2004? - PC buy game, subscription

    Silkroad Online — 3D Fantasy, free-to-play - free download (PC) - in-game shop system

    ROSE Online — 3D Fantasy - free download (PC) - in-game shop system
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