Found 7th Dec 2008
Hi, does anybody have any experience of paid surveys where you actually get paid. Im a student and joined one but had nothing but problems with getting paid. In fact I didnt

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I generally found these sites to be rubbish

Valued Opinions - I have had £50 of vouchers in the last year, and nearly up to my next one

OnePoll - I have just been paid £40 and only joined a few months ago

opinion world is good too, i use them a lot.

i used to be a member of some of these but you need to do loads before getting a decent amount, and the constant emails are sooooo annoying

I did yougov once but it took me nearly 3 years to get to £50. They didnt send me the surveys often enough and it just took far too long to get the money. I wont ever do it again its just not worth it I dont think. I also think its having these high set amounts such as the £50 that takes ages to get to. If it was a tenner then maybe it wouldnt be so bad, but not £50. Ive got money stuck in other survey companies accounts but i cant be bothered to finish it off.

You wont get rich quick doing surveys!

Just a bump on this in case anyone else interested as some new ones have popped up since this was posted.

1) Toluna ( not the best paid but plenty of opportunities ).
2) New vista live ( very well paid for the time it takes ).
3) Valued Opinions ( mentioned above & one of the fastest to send out your vouchers ).
4) Globaltestmarket ( American site but paid out by cheque when you reach a minimum of 1000 points & in my opinion easy money ).

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