Paint mixing / colour matching in store

      Posted 16th Nov
      Just wondering if anyone had any experience with the paint mixing service that you can get done in diy stores and specialist decorating shops.

      I've just had a roof leak fixed, and will need to re-decorate a small area of painted textured wallpaper, and thought I might be able to take a sample (from behind the bed - for example) and have it colour matched. This way I can just re-stick the wallpaper and paint it, rather than doing the whole room again. The wall was already painted when I bought the house, so I don't know what actual colour it is.

      Thank you.
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      Paint the lot again. Yes you can colour match at trade centres and diy stores but it's hit and miss.
      That's if sensor is working which often its not
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      Have used B&Q colour match a couple of times and it’s been more or less a perfect match. First was with some old paint we had, second was with a vase
      It would be near impossible to colour match and paint a section of wall and not see the difference, could maybe get away with just doing one whole wall though.
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