paint to cover rusty front door

My mum and dads front door is painted white but rust has started to come through around the letter box and door panels. Can anyone recommend a paint that would cover the rust and prevent it developing long term? And whether i would need to treat the rust with something first?

I was hoping i could just paint it without any treatment other than just cleaning it.



if you can get a hammerite in the colour you want you could paint directly onto the rust - not sure what sort of finish you would end up with though.

best bet would be to sand the area to remove the rust, treat with a rust remedy then paint over with standard paint.

Only option is to sand and cover with a zinc primer before repainting or the rust will just lift the paint back up.

Get some rust converter from Halfords £6 I think. Don't dip brush in the pot or the lot will get triggered and set. Pour out of pot first. Dig out to expose rust. Treat rust. Fill with 2 pack wood filler. Sand. Primer door and gloss with exterior paints.

Zinnser do a range of products that prime and cover well
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